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  2. Wow…amazing dreams. I dreamt of my Dad as well…had a chat with him, but can’t remember the details. He looked 20 years younger & was laughing/smiling with me and my friend’s Mom who passed 5 months before my Dad. We were in a house where I’ve been before in dreams but I don’t know in real life.

  3. Paul, any info on real-time multiplayer games on the phone? I hope they’re not going to try and limit that sorta multiplayer to people who have Gold accounts only or something.

  4. Joey, thank you for your interest in the show. Please feel free to contact me on (206)365-5807 or at if I can provide any additional information. Did you know that we will be giving special awards and recognition to folks who are at the ABFM for the first time?

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  17. the schools may not be paying for the movies, but if you read the article you’ll see that the city is paying for the theater. pick your poison. if my kid’s teacher asked for $10 to take my kid to the movies I’d say no thanks.

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  19. Crowbar Buddy. Wow. Yeah.Because it’s been a long time since this happened to me, I’m out of practice. So that first shock, it felt like the very first shock..which I don’t remember but I was probably 12 or something. And then, so quickly, my brain moved in to downplay, stuff it away, “no big”. That’s partly why I wrote it down, wanting to capture what that first feeling was instead of all the rationalization/ minimization / scoffing that follows it. The things you tell yourself so that you can move through your life with a minimum of fear and disruption, right?

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  26. Where have all the kool-aid drinkers on this blog gone? I remember a couple years ago that there were MS employees who vigorously defended the company, and flamed those who complained about the company as whiners and losers. Where are they now?

  27. ma è quel "noi come nazione" che mi inquieta di più. e gli stranieri? forse loro non li vedono, gli arcobaleni?ah, ecco, sono stati gli xenofobi, così riconoscono gli stranieri chiedendogli se vedono gli arcobaleni!!

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  30. Laurel – Alas, the Dome of the Rock is no longer open to the non-Muslim public. Other than that, everything is now more touristy is than when you last visited. Souvenir shops prevail.

  31. considero coinvolto in quanto quelle che ho conosciuto mi hanno sempre fatto notare che noi uomini siamo tutti uguali (e non elenco il resto). Come sono io lo so, ma so anche che la persona che si ha di fronte ci giudica in base ai suoi preconcetti e non in base a ciò che siamo. Totale, giro alla larga.. Prevenire è meglio che finire all'ospedale o sottoterra.

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  47. Another quick question: Any idea why this doesn't seem to work on the current volatility svn? I get the following errors on revision 1525:*** Failed to import volatility.plugins.evtlogs (AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'LdrModules')*** Failed to import volatility.plugins.timeliner (AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'LdrModules')

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  62. Wow, I held my breath while reading as fast as I could.-totally fascinating for a British girl now living in the U.S.A and learning the customs! some things transcend all traditions, and I was transported back to the many Christmas celebrations my family had in Britain that ran along the same comedic lines. I must get this book 🙂

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  86. They’ll most likely follow the path of “Flashforward” (although, as it was cancelled, that’s not a great reference point haha). But what I mean is, they took the conceit and changed it completely from its book source. I read the book after the show got cancelled, and 95% of what was on the show was not in the book. So they can change it up and keep it going for as long as they want.And I mean, hell…if “Weeds” and “One Tree Hill” could last as long as they did…

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